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Rockford teachers use multiple types of assessments in the classroom to assist with their instruction and student learning. Administrators and school leaders continuously review assessment information to inform instructional needs and ensure that our curriculum meets or exceeds state and federal expectations. 

National and State Assessments

Our students are assessed per state and federal guidelines in addition to district testing requirements. 

M-STEP grades 3-8, 11

NWEA grades K-8 and 9th grade Algebra 1

PSAT grades 8, 9, 10

SAT grade 11

Work Keys 11

The State of Michigan has created several resources for parents to understand the state M-STEP assessment. Click here for more information.

The NWEA MAP Assessment results provide teachers with useful information in monitoring and supporting student learning. This assessment is given to students three times per year and shows student achievement and growth throughout the year.



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